Our Roots

“Plant a garden and belief in tomorrow'

About Us

We strive towards the empowerment of Namibians in the agricultural sector, with the focus on women and the youth. We equip them with knowledge and skills to develop food enterprises, with the aim to alleviate poverty and unemployment and ultimately improve food security.


Our Story

“My motivation to develop women in the agricultural sector was ignited during a visit to an open market in Rundu.  I observed the disheartened situation of the women looking tired selling mahangu with no other vegetables.    All selling to the same market.  What touched me to take action was seeing the hunger, malnutrition children.  This moved me to action! 

Thoughts  clouded my mind:    how can the ladies be supported to become sustainable?  what can be done to expand their markets? why should children and the elderly go hungry if there is water and fertile soil?

My burning passion is to let everybody have food and have access to affordable nutrition. Children need to grow and the elderly need to live in dignity.”


Namibians to lead a healthy and fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.

Empower people out of poverty. 


To end hunger and poverty, by pioneering sustainable grassroots strategies, advocating and

implementing nutritional backyard gardens in communities in Namibia.

The Game Changers


"I am Good Food Namibia's Administrator. Good Food Namibia has indirectly encouraged me to start my own backyard garden. I started with growing spinach, cabbage and onions. I have since added carrots, kale and butternut. I am learning a lot and looking to expand my garden's variety even more so. Growing our own veggies has saved us money and made us eat healthier. I feel passionately about Good Food's concept, as my family has reaped its rewards. And I know this can be true for most families. "


"I am the in-house-graphic designer for Good Food Namibia, I am very passionate about beautiful things. I am passionate about home food gardens. It gives me great pleasure to walk out of my house and pick fresh vegetables. I love to see them grow and it gives me great satisfaction if I can give my neighbours some of the crop."

From seed to plate

Adopt A Seedling

Good Food Namibia initiated a project during the outbreak of COVID in 2020 to grow and hand out 4,600 spinach and beetroot seedlings to 150 households and community organizations on the coast in the Erongo Region., Namibia. 

We partnered with other charitable organizations and distributed food parcels with theses seedlings.

The motivation was to encourage Namibians to start vegetable gardens and to be sustainable, providing nutritional food to their families.

Good Food Namibia partnered with Promiseland and hosted an awareness campaign on the 30th of October 2021 at the Dune Shopping Complex,  Walvisbay  to share with Namibians the  importance of the intake of nutritional food and the detrimental effect of malnutrition has on growing children.  Within 4 hours we handed out 1,600 spinach seedlings.

Adopt a Seedling project is still active.

Start community project

Ms Veronica !Awases, a teacher from Vineta, Swakopmund established Gazakids taking care of 34 children.  Good Food Namibia launched a project to train the senior children to build hoop-houses, plant, grow and harvest nutritional vegetables assisting Ms Veronica to feed the children.  The seniors produce hoop-houses and sell as an extra income.  

Good Food Namibia oversees this project and supports the development of young entrepreneurs.

Many Food Cultivators have emerged from this project. Good Food Namibia joins hands with various community projects, to empower and guide Namibians in becoming sustainable.

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