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“Success is a fruit of slow growth.”

Success Stories

We strive towards the empowerment of Namibians in the agricultural sector, with the focus on women and the youth. We equip them with knowledge and skills to develop food enterprises, with the aim to alleviate poverty and unemployment and ultimately improve food security.

We believe in investing in and empowering fellow Namibians, ensuring healthy living.

Women and Youth Empowerment



Sarafina Shinedima, a vegetable backyard gardener, feeds not only her family of 11 with nutritional food from her harvests, but also supports her church community. It doesn’t stop there, Sarafina produces enough vegetables toearn approximately N$100.00 per week. She saw the need during the pandemic, when the struggle was the hardest. She heard about us and asked us for guidance. Good Food Namibia was excited to assistant. This was the beginning of the implementation of the Backyard Gardens Program of Good Food Namibia. Today Sarafina grows a variety of vegetables from carrots to pumpkin, potatoes, spinach, kale, beetroot and so much more. .



During the tough times of the pandemic, Majila and her brother decided to start planting veggies. It wasn't long until they realised that giving away seedlings was indeed very beneficial to the Walvis Bay community (Kuisebmond). During that time, we found our way to Jilla's happy home. Together with Joel Parks we helped them improve and simplify the process of growing their seedlings. Jilla and her brother still give away the vegetable seedlings and put smiles on people's faces.



Given Shuuya is a 9 year old boy who came up to us one day, while we were working on a garden in his neighborhood. He asked us if he would teach him how to build and maintain his very own vegetable garden. We are happy we did, because today Given encourages his friends and teaches them how to grow vegetables. So much so, that some of his friends have started their own gardens from scratch.

Job Creation


Clarence Gomaxab is an enthusiastic gardener with extensive knowledge about plants.  It was not long after we met him that we visited his vegetable garden. He grew up with his mother and grandmother, who would grow their own vegetables to provide for the family. He learned from the best! As he was eager to learn more and wished to improve his garden, we involved him to gain more knowledge. He now has a greenhouse and an extra space where he makes his own compost. He grows a variety of vegetables. He is a born teacher: he loves teaching and inspires others to grow their own vegetables.  We love meeting individuals like Clarence and are fortunate to have him on our team. He looks after other gardens and presents training with Good Food Namibian and JOEL Parksat various schools and organizations.

Market Day

Successful market day in Swakopmund.

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