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Food is a basic right. Nobody should go hungry and suffer from malnutrition. 

The Covid-19 pandemic poses a threat to global food security, and Namibia is no exception. People still need to be able to live a normal life under these unusual circumstances. Our current circumstances have brought food security to the forefront in Namibia, hence the birth of the Good Food Namibia Initiative.


The Challenge

To promote food security and alleviate hunger through sustainable urban gardening. Our motivation is to ensure that Namibians have a thriving vegetable garden in their backyards, allowing them access to fresh vegetables.
In order for us to do this, we need to raise N$1 000,000.00. This would bring food stability to over 1000 households!

The Solution

Food security and hunger alleviation can be achieved through sustainable agricultural methods such as urban gardening. Good Food Namibia invests in fellow Namibians, empowering them to ensure healthy living. The Good Food Namibia parcel initiative equips destitute households in Namibia with the means to start cultivating their own vegetables. The initiative has implemented sustainable agricultural methods fighting malnutrition, endorsing food security and alleviating hunger, which all are of great concern in Namibia.


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