The purpose of Joel Park is to create awareness for our children’s future. It is an innovative project aimed at improving the quality of life for us all. This can be achieved through the development and maintenance of our natural resources, starting with vegetable gardens and composting. Creating a place where people can spend leisure time socializing in a safe and clean environment.

  • Adopting strict security measures, building safe and secure parks for children. Parks consisting of walkways, bicycle lanes, sandpits, vegetable gardens and permaculture within cities, towns, and Public Open Spaces (POS)
  • Soup kitchens where able members offer food to those cleaning the area
  • Making vegetable gardens utilizing permaculture in state hospitals, old age homes, jails and children havens
  • Eradicate dumpsites
  • Build recycling plants
  • Save on electricity through construction of solar power plants 
  • Water-saving systems and purification plants
  • Job creation, sustainability and economic empowerment
  • Food security
  • Utilizing smaller spaces
  • Positive impact towards the needs of the community

Community development for human sustainability

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