Community / Neighbourhood Gardens


The purposes of community gardens improve physical and mental well-being: promote aesthetic and community conservation; and transfer of skills and knowledge to develop entrepreneurs

Included in the contribution:

  • Develop a garden that will have maximum harvests and suit the environment and the demands of the community
  • 3m x 5m greenhouse and hoop house
  • Green house with irrigation
  • Seedlings of vegetables for the season
  • Training on how to prepare the soil, plant and care for plants up to harvesting


  • Feed 60 children
  • Access to fresh nutritional food
  • Reduce food expenses
  • Improve food security
  • Increase physical activity and improve mental health
  • Promote health and community cohesion
  • Job creation
  • Eco friendly – recycle material

Designs and specifications can be adjusted according to specific needs



community/neighbourhood gardens is an opportunity for individuals/organizations to come together to develop a piece of land.  These gardens will help alleviate the effect of climate change and are also a method of changing the environment in order to promote health and wellness.


Community gardens can fulfill a variety of purposes such as aesthetic and community improvement, physical or mental well-being, land conservation and transfer of skills and knowledge to develop entrepreneurs.


Nutritional food will be made accessible in urban areas to residents who have limited access to fresh nutritional produce such as fruits and vegetables.